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Who We Are

Who We Are

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The Collective We

At W Squared, we take the idea of partnership very seriously and understand that we have to earn the right to say “We.” Meeting companies where they are, we acknowledge and recognize different needs at different stages in corporate growth.

So, whether you are a start-up looking for a speedy solution or an established business concerned with the impact of growth on internal culture, W Squared offers a comprehensive, ‘blended’ solution from the top down—from strategy and leadership to simple transactions.

With an appreciation of the importance of sensitivity, assimilation and, where necessary, seamless integration, W Squared takes the posture of your organization and behaves as an internal department, not an external consultant.

We take a collaborative, goal-oriented approach to work with you and your business. We take a collaborative, goal-oriented approach to work with you and your business.

W Squared - Our Story

The idea behind W Squared originated in 2004 when our founders closed on the sale of a company that they helped lead and grow from $0 to $200M in revenue with over 1,500 employees. That sale was not the first time they had built a company infrastructure only to see it sold. Our founders realized that the systems, people, and processes in place for large companies could be leveraged for small- to medium-sized businesses as well. What was needed was reliable, scalable back-office outsourcing, and so W Squared was born in 2005.

From the beginning, W Squared has been more than just an outsourcing company. Instead of operating at a distance, we form active partnerships with our clients. These strategic relationships are built on trust, and they focus on definitive outcomes rather than mere recommendations. With this collaborative, goal-oriented approach, we are able to mobilize and energize companies of all types and sizes, whether start-ups or enterprise organizations.

Over the past ten years, the W Squared model of business process partnering has proven out with repeat customers and a strong track record over a range of industries, including healthcare services, technology, medical devices, retail, social media, and SAAS. Success breeds success, and we are constantly proving it.

W Square's Mission
A cornerstone to your success. 

W Squared’s Mission

To be a cornerstone of each client’s success by partnering to deliver optimal integrated solutions for accounting, finance, technology, procurement, human resources and payroll that provide scalability, efficiency and value.

W Squared's Values
Founded on integrity and respect.

W Squared’s Values

  • Honesty and integrity guide our behavior and decisions.
  • Our commitment to quality and reliability is unyielding.
  • Our culture of teamwork generates trust and results.
  • We respect the dignity and worth of every individual.
  • We lead by doing the right things, in addition to doing things right.

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