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Purchase like an enterprise.

Keen analysts, expert negotiators, relationship curators, and procurement managers are key roles in any organization’s sourcing of products and services. From initial market research to category management and procurement transformation, our seasoned procurement professionals deliver cost savings and measurable business value in both your direct and indirect procurement operations. In the real world, we know that clients don’t have cookie-cutter issues, so we don’t use one when helping them meet their procurement objectives.

Everything your company buys, from paper towels and printers to medical waste and lab supplies, can and should cost less.

Aggregation vs GPO
Aggregation vs GPO

While some Group Purchasing Organizations (GPO’s) pass their bulk buying power on to their members in the form of tiered discounts, W Squared believes in cross-platform aggregated savings. GPOs only use group rates at a pre-determined vendor list level. We don’t tier. We aggregate pricing so that all companies get the same pricing. Regardless of the size of your company, you can receive two times, three times, even ten times the volume discount you might already have.

Proven Results
Proven Results

The results we deliver collectively for our clients have produced on average 22% savings across all negotiated spend categories. We have sourced millions of dollars’ worth of products and services for our clients.

Accountability You Need
Accountability You Need

Our typical procurement process for formal purchasing resources:

  • Apply the “80/20 Rule” of purchasing organizations
  • Set up the right performance metrics
  • Demand cost competitiveness of procurement processes

W Squared’s value-added procurement services:

  • Aggregating at SKU level
  • Deeply rooted supply base relationships
  • Quarterly Business Review (QBR) process for suppliers
  • Client partner reporting

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In response to the needs of our clients, W Squared developed a solution that turns passive participation in a GPO into an active effort to bring all needed items under contract and control – thus becoming your Aggregated Procurement Partner. If you have a company specific need that is not in network, we will use our Group Purchasing Power and negotiation experts to negotiate a better contract with you and for you. When we add it to our portfolio and offer the same product to our growing list of clients, we’ll continue to drive pricing down and ROI up.

Extensive Supplier Network
Extensive Supplier Network

Negotiated pricing through key suppliers can provide significant savings in all expense areas. These include medical and surgical supplies or equipment, national lab testing, office supplies, lab consumables, small parcel shipping, travel, printed and promotional products, IT software/hardware, and office renovations. Your savings can be especially impacted when purchases are aggregated across a multitude of clients to give greater buying power to the entire group.

See a list of our Key Suppliers.

Why clients choose us

“W Squared has positively impacted our business since 2010. I have been very impressed by both their professionalism and healthcare industry knowledge. They are great business partners and their contributions have allowed us to remain consistently focused on the growth of PathGroup’s core business.” Ben Davis, MD, Founder & CEO, Pathgroup

“W Squared was like a magnet for us. We were drawn to the people, experience, capabilities, and the proactive solution-finding approach they offered. The more we have worked with W Squared, the more services we have outsourced to our valuable partner. We needed more resources and people that could quickly drive efficiencies and help us better utilize our systems – W squared delivered!” Craig Hartman, Chief Financial Officer, Access Mediquip

“W Squared gives me peace of mind. W Squared’s team of trusted professionals is minding the books, and that allows us to do what we do best. Not only is that good for my business, it lets me sleep much better at night.” Steve Roche, President,

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