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Craig Hartman, Chief Financial Officer
Access Mediquip

“W Squared was like a magnet for us. We were drawn to the people, experience, capabilities, and the proactive solution-finding approach they offered. The more we have worked with W Squared, the more services we have outsourced to our valuable partner. We needed more resources and people that could quickly drive efficiencies and help us better utilize our systems – W squared delivered!”

Hayes Bryant, Principal

“As we were forming and rapidly growing Charge Payment, W Squared provided a professional finance and accounting team which allowed us to focus on growth instead of our back office. We are well on the way to meeting our corporate goals, and W Squared has been a trusted partner along the way.”

Ben Davis, MD, Founder & CEO

“W Squared has positively impacted our business since 2010. I have been very impressed by both their professionalism and healthcare industry knowledge. They are great business partners and their contributions have allowed us to remain consistently focused on the growth of PathGroup’s core business.”

Earl Winter, Founder
RevPoint Healthcare Technologies

“[As] a former divisional controller of a Fortune 50 company, … W Squared’s model is the best finance and accounting outsourcing solution I have found. The level of service W Squared provides is incredible. I will never bring my finance and accounting in-house as long as W Squared’s services are available. In any future business endeavors, I will always outsource my finance and accounting department to W Squared.”

Townes Duncan, Founder & Managing Partner
Solidus Company

“W Squared is the perfect partner for our Solidus portfolio companies. By bringing an operator’s perspective to our venture investments, W Squared improves capital and operational efficiency which produces better future valuations for our companies and Solidus limited partners. Their quality of work and the strategic leadership offered to our portfolio companies is outstanding.”

Steve Roche, President

“…most importantly, W Squared gives me peace of mind. W Squared’s team of trusted professionals is minding the books, and that allows us to do what we do best. Not only is that good for my business, it lets me sleep much better at night.”